Legal Aid

What is Legal Aid?

Legal aid could help pay for your family mediation so you do not have to. Our trained mediator will assess whether or not you are eligible for legal aid at mediation.

You will be asked to bring to your Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) certain information for the mediator to assess whether or not you qualify for legal aid for mediation. They will inform you at that meeting whether or not you do qualify or alternatively if you have to pay a fixed fee for your mediation.

If you do qualify for legal aid then you may be asked to supply further information to prove you are eligible. Our mediator will normally ask that you supply this information within 14 days. You will be asked to sign a legal aid form to confirm the information you have given is correct.

If only  one of us gets Legal Aid does the other one have to pay?

If one of you qualifies for legal aid at a MIAM the other would not have to pay for their MIAM. In other words both of you would get the MIAM for free.

The person who does not qualify for legal aid would still have to pay for mediation on a fixed fee basis for each session except for the first joint session only.

Do I qualify for Legal Aid?

As indicated above we will check at a MIAM whether or not you qualify for legal aid but if you do wish to telephone us to discuss this prior to a meeting please contact us on 0115 924 7023/28. It may be the case that we need to ask a mediator to return your call to discuss this. Alternatively you can check online at

Is Legal Aid available for legal advice as well as mediation?

If you qualify for legal aid mediation then after you have attended at least one mediation session (not a MIAM) our mediator will be able to provide you with a form to give to a legal aid solicitor for you to obtain legal aid advice whilst you are in mediation. This would also enable you to obtain legal aid for the preparing of a consent order, for example where there is a matrimonial agreement reached.

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